Softball Queensland Umpires at Nationals

Softball Queensland Umpires at Nationals

As the 2020 Summer Nationals have now finished, the Softball Queensland Umpiring Committee would like to reflect on the recent National Championships and further celebrate our grand final appointments.

U18 Men David Casey – 3rd Base

U14 Girls Fully Loaded Mindy Dobson – 3rd Base

U14 Girls Regionals Mindy Dobson – Plate Nikki Wong – 3rd Base

U16 Girls Norelle Thomas – 1st Base Nicole Findlay – Right Field

U16 Boys Alex Turnbull – 1st Base

Open Women Janelle Hicks – 2nd Base

U14 Boys Fully Loaded Nikki Wong – Plate Steve Durrington – 3rd Base

U14 Boys Regionals Steve Durrington – Plate

Open Men David Casey – 1st Base

U18 Women Alan Walsh – 1st Base

The list of semi-final and preliminary finals would increase this list further. A special congratulations to Nicole Findlay on achieving her Level 5 Accreditation. The strength of our state program has been showcased by the numerous appointments across all tournaments. Congratulations again to all.