Softball Queensland Life Members

Softball Queensland Life Members

Softball Queensland would like to extend it’s congratulations to our 3 newest Life Members. We are thrilled to celebrate and showcase their dedication to softball in Queensland and thank them for their contributions. 






Lexie has contributed to softball in Queensland at the State level for 13 consecutive years.

She was first appointed to the SQI Coaching Technical Directorate in May 2006 and has held the position of Chairperson since April 2013.

She commenced her coaching career for Queensland in 2001 and over a 10 year period has been the Head Coach of the Qld Under 17 Boys’ team for 3 years, an assistant coach for 4 years and had 3 years as a specialist battery coach.

Lexie has selected 13 Queensland teams/squads over an 11 year period including being the Chairperson on 2 occasions. She has also selected multiple SQ Regional Academy squads and teams.

Lexie spent 3 years co-ordinating and managing the Unearthing the Stars Program and has had the primary responsibility for the SQ Regional Academy Program since 2011. She organises the SQI TID camps, co-ordinates the Under 15 RA camp program and since 2013 has co-ordinated the annual coaching forum since 2013.

Prior to taking on volunteer commitments at club, District Association and Queensland levels, Lexie played this great game and went on to represent Queensland at 7 Gilley’s Shield championships from 1974 to 1980 culminating in being appointed vice-captain for the 1980 team.

Lexie Pearce is a passionate softballer who has given herself selflessly to the sport and is very worthy of her election as a Softball Queensland Life Member.



Ron Yardley has held numerous volunteer roles during his 18 consecutive years working at the State level.

He began his administrative roles when he was appointed to the Umpiring Committee in 2001/02, a position he held until April 2018. During his time on the Umpiring TD, he took on the portfolio for State Championships and was also a member of the SQ Events Committee for 4 years. Ron also assisted the SQ Awards Panel on one of the sub-committees in 2014.

Over a 16 year period, Ron was appointed as an Umpire Assessor for 22 State Championships and has been one of the backbones of the SQ Masters Tournament having held the Umpire In Chief role for 5 years and a Deputy UIC role for 11 years.

Ron has been appointed as a SQ umpire at many tournaments including the Southern Cross Challenge. He attained his Level 4 Umpire Accreditation in 2007 and Level 5 in 2009.

In recognition for his service to softball at all levels, Ron has received a QSA 10 year Service Award in 2005, an ASF Service Award in 2006 and in 2015, a SQI Platinum Service Award for 20 years voluntary service to the sport of Softball at all levels.

Ron thoroughly deserves the recognition bestowed on him for his dedication and commitment as a volunteer for Softball Queensland when he was elected as a SQI Life Member at the SQI AGM on Saturday 14 July 2018.



Val Cross has been a significant contributor to the sport of softball at the State level for a period of 15 consecutive years.

Val has held many positions starting as a SQI Scoring Rep at State Championships in 2002. She attended 18 State Championships over a 14 year period mentoring and assisting numerous scorers to develop and increase their knowledge of not just scoring but also the game.

Val was appointed to the SQI Scoring Committee in 2003 and remains an active member of that committee today. She is the editor of the SQI Scoring Newsletter which is distributed not just to Queenslanders but also other interested persons both in Australia and overseas.

Val held a position on the SQI State Development Committee for 5 years and has been an Awards Panel sub-committee member for three years.

 Not content with helping at State Championships, Val was the Chief Statistician at the SQ Masters Tournament for 7 years, Chief Statistician for the Southern Cross Challenge for 2 years and also an Official Statistician at that event for a further 3 years.

From 2003 over a 10 year period, Val was a SQI appointed official statistician or Chief Statistician at 15 national events ranging from the John Reid and Gilley’s Shields to the International Friendship Series and the inaugural Australian Under 15 Regional Championship. During this time, she was the Chief Statistician at 5 national events.

Val was appointed as Statistician to 7 Queensland teams participating in Australian Championships and other national and international events.

In the past 2 years, Val has added the role SQ Representative at the 2016 Open Men’s and 2017 Open women’s State Championships.

In recognition of her contribution to the sport at all levels, Val received a QSA Service Award in 2001, and ASF Service Award in 2003 and a SQI Diamond Service Award in 2014. She was also named the Ngaire Huston Statistician Of The Year Award in 2012 and was a joint winner of the Softball Australia Statistician of the Year Award in 2006.

Val has a great passion for the game of softball and the people involved. She has given many, many more years of unselfish and dedicated service to the sport at all levels. She now joins an illustrious group on her election as a SQI Life Member recognising her distinguished and meritorious service to Softball Queensland.