Play Softball: AGES 4-12

Children aged 4-12yrs can get involved in Softball through;

  • Have a Go Days – run through schools or through local Softball clubs and associations
  • Swing into Softball – Junior / Amateurs Competition run through local Softball clubs and associations
  • Softball Batter Up Program – lessons run through Primary Schools 
  • Holiday Clinics / Camps

Swing into Softball – 

  • Junior Softball Competition run through Associations and Clubs
  • Caters to the child’s ability, not necessarily their age (2 levels; Softball Juniors & Softball Amateurs)

Swing Into Softball is the framework for the delivery of junior softball at the club and association level following on from the Softball Batter Up (SBU) recruitment program, which also utilises the ‘game sense’ approach. Swing Into Softball provides ability based, single and mixed gender competition structures. It will involve the use of the SCCP resources to deliver fun, effective and engaging sessions on a consistent basis.

The aim of Swing into Softball is to provide Associations and Clubs with an opportunity to increase and retain junior membership. Independent Deliverers also have the opportunity to increase participation within their organisation.

Swing Into Softball is not necessarily a stand-alone program, but rather a competition structure or delivery method. The delivery method was created by reviewing a number of growing trends in the sporting industry surrounding junior sport participation.

The competition structure caters for both primary and early secondary school aged participants. Players participate in the version of Softball that caters to their ability, not necessarily their age.

Because there will be a split between children who want social/participation based sport versus those who want competitive based sport, SIS is divided into two parts. These are:

  • Swing into Softball Juniors
  • Swing into Softball Amateurs

Contact Softball QLD on 3391 2447 or email  for more information on  Swing into Softball

Associations who have currently adopted the Swing into Softball model include:

Brisbane Softball Association (All primary school aged children)

Cairns & District Softball Association (All primary school aged children)

Gladstone Softball Association (T-ball only)

Sunshine Coast and Hinterland Softball Association (Lower primary school aged children)

Townsville & Thuringowa Softball Association (All primary school aged children)

Wynnum Softball Association (Lower primary school aged children)

Softball Batter Up

Softball Batter Up Program –

  • Program suits Primary Schools / Holiday Clinics / Camps 
  • Softball Australia’s National Recruitment Program
  • All QLD participants receive their very own Easton Glove and Ball

    Softball offers participants many benefits including:

    • Resources aligned with the National Physical Education Curriculum
    • Lesson plans have four and six week option available for each learning band (F-2, 3-4, 5-6)
    • Activities identify learning intention, skill focus, and content descriptions
    • Suitable for all ages and abilities
    • Based on the Playing for Life philosophy
    • Improves physical fitness and mental alertness
    • Builds social skills by meeting other students and building a sense of belonging, responsibility, loyalty, and teamwork through sport.

Softball Batter Up is Softball Australia’s National Recruitment Program that targets children ages 4-12yrs. The program introduces participants to the fundamental skills of Softball and ensures maximum participation and enjoyment. The program has been designed to be flexible in its delivery and to reflect the individual abilities and experience levels of each participant. Softball Batter Up aims to promote lifelong participation in Softball. In QLD, Softball Batter Up programs are generally delivered by our District Associations.

The program has been designed to be flexible in its delivery and to reflect the individual abilities and experience of each participant.

As well as having access to 32 Lesson Plans, the trained SBU coach can also design their own Lessons Plans using more than 100 different softball activities. This provides a variety of different activities every week while learning the fundamental skills of the game in a fun, safe and engaging environment.

The  program is based on the Game Sense approach rather than a direct coaching method. The game is the focus and the coach is the facilitator, which allows the participants to learn through discovery with discrete coaching provided through questioning. The coach can make changes to a game or activity to allow for maximum participation and enjoyment.

Contact Stephanie Krippner on 3391 2447 or for more information on the Softball Batter Up program in QLD. Alternatively, you can visit the Softball Batter Up website here. Registered school contacts can login to their Sporting Schools account to access the Booking System and view all the packages available in more detail. You can also visit the Sporting Schools Help Centre for further information or contact the Softball Australia Sporting Schools Coordinator.

Do you want to become a Softball Batter Up coach?

Coaches have a very important role to play within Softball Batter Up – a role that extends far beyond teaching the skills of the game. A coach assumes the responsibility of ensuring all participants have a fun, safe and enjoyable experience.

The coaching resources developed for Softball Batter Up are designed to be informative, stimulating, comprehensive and easy to follow. The coaching resources will give any coach the ability to develop creative sessions and provide strategies to keep the participants engaged. Any coach will feel confident conducting a fun Softball Batter Up session.

The Softball Community Coaching Program is the ideal training program. The program aims to develop a network of capable coaches who can deliver a variety of softball experiences, which enhance the health and social benefits of participants. It’s not about winning. It’s not about technique. It’s about identifying and supporting coaches through a well-constructed learning framework. In other words, the focus is not on skills and drills but on the teaching and learning method.

softball community coaching logo_cmyk

The program is designed to train coaches, players and the community to deliver Game Sense programs. In particular, it aims to help the community coach understand the basics of:

  • what motivates and engages coaches in delivering activity-based programs, known as the Game Sense approach
  • how to develop activity-based sessions through good planning, efficient organisation and effective communication and coaching techniques that can:
    • maximise the involvement and enjoyment of all participants
    • establish positive relationships and experiences
    • provide optimal development opportunities for participants and their families

To find out more, go to or contact your local club or association to find out when they plan to conduct their next face-to-face course.

Do you want to become a Softball Batter Up provider?

Whether you want to run a holiday camp, school program or an eight week program, Softball Batter Up is the perfect program for you! Providers have access to great resources and support to run the program for children of any ability from kindergarten to Year 6.

As a provider, you will receive a great resource and tools that will enhance participation and enjoyment. Many activities encourage teamwork, cooperation, communication and tactical skills while maximising the participation of children of all abilities and backgrounds.

The key feature of the program is the flexibility in when and how it can be delivered. Register today at and get access to a great national junior program!