Softball Community Coach Program (SCCP)

The ideal start for the beginner coach is the Softball Community Coach Program (SCCP). The program is based on Game Sense and will help you plan and prepare fun and engaging training sessions for your team.
To find out more you can visit the SCCP website to find out when the next course is scheduled near you or you can contact for more information.

Coach Education and Accreditation

For coaches wanting to extend their softball knowledge to include basic skills and how to play the game, there is also the formal coaching pathway of coach education and accreditation. Whether you are a coach, teacher, parent or a volunteer providing an opportunity for young people to play softball, Softball Australia’s coaching program will assist you to provide the best environment and progression to ensure lifelong participation in the sport.

Once you decide to become a softball coach you need to:

  1. Familiarise yourself with the Softball Australia Member Protection Policy with particular reference to the Coaches Code of Conduct to ensure you have a clear understanding of your roles and responsibilities
  2. Share an understanding of the basic softball rules, and terminology to enable you to confidently take to the diamond
  3. Have the ability to teach basic skills including throwing catching, fielding a ball, hitting and moving between bases