SQ Masters Information and Forms



The Masters – Team Expression of Intent to Participate form will be submitted online this year. Click the link below to submit your team’s interest to participate in the 2018 Masters.



All team members, including team officials and umpires, must sign in (register) before the first game they are to participate in. This includes all participants who may have signed the team registration form prior to the tournament. At registration, players are required to produce photo identification to show proof of age and signature. A form for the umpires to sign will be provided to the TCU and should be signed at the Umpire Meeting.

On Thursday evening, participants may sign-in between 5.00pm and 8.00pm at the clubhouse on Meakin Park. On Friday morning (up until 12.45pm), all teams sign-in at the venue where their first game is being played. From 1pm on Friday, all registrations will be at the merchandise marquee on Meakin Park.

/Registration Times/Venues:

Meakin Park:  

Thursday from 5.00pm to 8.00pm

Friday from 6:30am

Saturday from 7am


Strikers Facility:                     Friday from 6:30am until 12.45pm

Mappas Oval:                            Friday from 6:30am until 12.45pm

Logan City Rugby Union:    Friday from 6:30am until 12.45pm


A technical meeting (coach/manager) will not be held. The official welcome pack will be provided in the team envelope which the team manager is to collect at sign-in/registration. Please see the SQI Venue Representatives with any concerns or questions your team may have. A message of welcome is also contained in the tournament program.


Umpires of all teams or a team representative are required to attend the umpires meeting which will be held at 7.00am Friday at Mappas Oval, Meakin Road, SLACKS CREEK.


All teams without an umpire MUST send a team representative to the umpires meeting at 7am on Friday as noted above. Teams that do not have an umpire will be rostered to umpire games. Teams that are required to provide umpires for the 1st timeslot on Friday morning will be advised no later than Thursday evening. All other team rostered umpiring duties will be provided to the team representative at the umpires meeting.

The penalty for teams that fail to fulfil their rostered umpiring duties will be a loss of two points for each occasion where this occurs.