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Softball Australia Official Playing Rules 2014-2017

Electronic Rule Book

Softball Australia Rules Assessments This link will provide you with the information about the two types of Playing Rules Assessments and how to register, login to the Assessment Portal and change your password.

2018 Open Rules Assessment will be available online from 12.01am AEST – Saturday 21st April – 11.59pm AEST Sunday 29th April 2018

2018 Basic Rules Assessment

The Australian Basic Rules Assessment will be available ‘online’ from  12.01am AEST – Saturday 21st April and will be open until 31 March 2019
Umpires are required to sit the Australian Basic Rules Assessment to gain and/or maintain their Level 1 or Level 2 accreditation.
The assessment may be attempted in “open book” format.
Candidates must sit a paper of 100 questions ‘online’ without time limit, at any time during the assessment period. Candidates may sit the Basic Rules Assessment multiple times during the assessment period, but the score on the last attempt will be regarded as the final grade.

If you do not have a user name and password, or cannot reset your previous password then you need to register to receive an invite to the assessment portal.

For Information, help and FAQ’s go to SAL Softball Rules Assessment

Softball Australia Umpire Technical Bulletins

Softball Australia Umpire Mechanical Bulletins


2018-2021 WBSC Fast Pitch Playing Rules

WBSC Fastpitch Casebook