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OzPitch – 

OzPitch is a modified version of softball which is a fun, social and accessible game that is simple and easy to play which caters for a range of skill, ability and age levels – It’s fun! it’s friendly! it’s OzPitch!

OzPitch is a recreational softball program developed to provide an opportunity for anyone wanting to:

• have fun
• increase their physical activity, and
• enjoy the social aspects of playing team sport.

Game Overview

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OzPitch Rules

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For more information on OzPitch contact Softball Queensland Development and Participation Coordinator Stephanie Krippner or phone (07) 3391 2447

Senior Fastpitch

Fastpitch is typically played in club and association competitions, and is the traditional basis for elite state, national, and international championships and events. To find your nearest fastpitch competition register your interest here or contact your closest Softball Association here to find your local club.

Social 7s


Social 7s is Softball Australia’s slowpitch version of softball that is fast, fun and easy to play, with seven players on each team.

This version of the game is perfect for beginners and experienced players; there’s no pressure – the emphasis is all about fun. The game can be played in mixed gender teams and has plenty of action to keep everyone involved and active.

Social softball describes any form of softball where the social aspects of the game are promoted more so than the competitive aspects. That is not to say that social softball competitions can’t be played, but when they are, the general atmosphere of the games are relaxed and friendly.

Slowpitch softball, where the ball is pitched on an arc – leading to a game with more hits and less pitcher domination – is often played in a social environment. Slowpitch softball is the most popular form of softball in the US and Canada, with millions of participants. This form of the game is not widely played in Australia, however is growing in popularity.

Softball Australia’s modified version of the game, Social 7s, is slowpitch with a number of rules designed to enhance the social aspects and create a game that is fast, fun and easy to play.

Some of the features of Social 7s include:

    • 7-a-side social mixed softball
    • Every player bats each inning
    • A new pitcher each inning
    • Every base gained is worth a run
    • Short duration- simplified rules
    • Ball is pitched slower, more hits

For more information about Social 7s, visit the Social 7s website at or email Softball Queensland Development and Participation Coordinator Stephanie Krippner

Social 7s

Masters – 35yrs +

Masters competitions and events are for participants 35 years of age and older. There are many national and international masters events, all of which offer physical activity in a social environment and festival atmosphere. Softball is one of the highest participant sports in masters games. For more information click here.

Event opportunities include:


Australian University Sport is the peak governing body of university sport in Australia, offering a range of events.

Any student who is currently enrolled in a degree, diploma, certificate or higher award at an educational institution that is affiliated with Australian University Sport is eligible to compete in the sporting program.

Events provide a friendly but competitive environment, complimented by a social program to enhance the event experience for participants.

Softball features at the annual Australian University Games event.