Behind the Scenes with Rachael Needham

Behind the Scenes with Rachael Needham

Q1) How did you first get involved with softball?

I have been involved in softball for 6 years. We started at the local club where I signed my kids up for rookie ball. From there I tried my hand at managing their teams and then moved onto scoring and statistics. My girls are now 15 and 12. Last year I was a statistician at the U15 association and national championships.

Q2) What was your statistician path to being part of the U15 Regional Academy Team?

2 years ago I received an award from Queensland Softball named as Rookie scorer of the Year. I went from being a beginner to a level 3 in just three years and had filled the position of statistician with the Ipswich under 15 and under 17 girls teams at state championships. I love to iScore all games also.  At the moment I am a Level 3 scorer, studying my Level 4. Eventually I would like to go reach the higher levels and be involved in the U17s & U19s age groups or even higher.

Q3) Why did you choose to do scoring and statistics?

I really enjoying scoring. You learn more about the game; you can get a different appreciation for the way the game is played and it gives you an advantage in knowing exactly where the team stands at all times. Ipswich Softball Association supports their scorers by providing them with a pathway to follow.

Q4) What are the differences between scoring for your club team as opposed to the representative teams?

On the club level, being a statistician is more down to earth. The coaches don’t want as much information from you and are more relaxed. On a national level there is a lot more pressure. Coaches want the best players on the field at all times and you have to be aware of what is going on at all times. Coaches trust your information to make changes both during and after a game. Especially now with the new 50 pitch/catch rule for U15 state championships, you have to be aware of every player on the team at all times.

I like to encourage everyone to give stats a go. As I am the registrar at an Ipswich club (Raiders Softball), I like to push the young people to try it, as it can give you a more holistic understanding of the game.

Q5) Do you have any advice for new scorers?

Give it a go, both paper and the iScore – Your knowledge of the rules will improve and then this will increase your appreciation and enjoyment of the games. You will not be alone, you can ask any current statistician around for help or pointers and they are very helpful and encouraging also.