Behind the Scenes with Lynda Maybanks

Behind the Scenes with Lynda Maybanks

This month we had a wonderful chat with Lynda Maybanks of the Bindina MT (Lynda Thompson Memorial Team) who will be competing in the Murri Women’s tournament in November.

Q1) Tell me about the team you play in for the Murri Women’s tournament?

I’ve played in the tournament since it first started in 2014 with my mum Larena. The first we played in the Ipswich team, but in the second year Mum created a new team which we have played in ever since. The team is called the Lynda Thompson Memorial Team, after my aunt who passed away many years ago, and is about respecting and celebrating her memory. I am also named after my aunt. Everyone in the team is family, and all of the men – dad, granddad, brothers all come out and support us all weekend.

Last year we fielded two teams, and brought in friends as well, but this year we just have one team with our close family.

Q2) How did you become involved in Softball?

I didn’t and don’t play softball outside of this tournament. Mum tried to get me into the sport when I was really young, around 5-8 years old. Now that we have our family team, I have embraced the sport so much and it’s awesome to be able to play with family.

Q3) Why do you think the Murri Women’s Softball Tournament is important? What impact do you think it has on those involved and the community?

The tournament is such a positive supporting environment for our community to get behind. It’s great to be able to come together in such a way, and it’s the main reason why the tournament has been embraced so wholeheartedly by everyone.

Q4) What is your most memorable Softball moment?

Anytime I do something good on the field – I’m not very good! Once year I was on third base, and a ball was hit really hard my way and I caught it. Everyone was so excited and from then on, for the rest of the weekend, my confidence was so much higher. Overall it’s just such a supportive a deadly atmosphere all weekend and everyone is just out for a good time.

Last year a game had been forfeited, so a diamond was free, so we got out there and played a fun game. All of the boyfriends, dads, uncles, brothers and even grandad got involved and it was fun to see everyone just going for it. All the boys are so competitive when they cheer for us, so it was especially good to get them out having a go.

Q5) What would you say to anyone considering playing in the Murri Women’s tournament?

Just go for it, even if you haven’t played before or don’t think you’re very good like me. The tournament is more about encouraging Murri women to be healthy, and to look after their own fitness and wellbeing. So often, Murri women don’t look after themselves and put their families first. My mum has 7 kids and gives her all to us, but when she’s out on the diamond she glows with happiness playing a sport that she loves, in memory of someone that she loves, with her family.  It’s not just about being a deadly player or deadly team, but about supporting and celebrating Murri women who are the foundations of our community.