Behind the Scenes – David Casey

Behind the Scenes – David Casey

1)      You recently umpired at the Canada Cup, tell me about the trip?

I was 1 of 3 umpires from Australia selected for the Canada Cup held from the 10 – 17 July in Surrey, BC, Canada.  The majority of the umpires there were from Canada, with some from USA and 1 from Germany. There were about 14 of us in total.

I left Brisbane on the 7th July to fly to Vancouver.  On most days I umpired 2 games a day. I was also appointed as the second base umpire for the preliminary final game, involving Australia and Venezuela.

2)      How did you first get into Softball?

I’ve been involved in softball for over 30 years, when I started playing as a teen. My brother still coaches and both my brother and sister were involved in the sport along with me when we were younger. Back then all the players at my association had umpire commitments meaning that all players also had to umpire. About 15 years ago I decided to take it more seriously and see where it could take me.

3)      What’s next for you?

I have been selected to umpire at the Women’s Japan Cup from the 25-27 August. I will also be umpiring at both the Men’s and Women’s State Championships later in the year.

4)      Is there anything you would tell aspiring umpires?

There is more than one way to have involvement with the game. I love the game, and umpiring gave me a new avenue to enjoy the game. In softball, umpires have a great relationship with the players and statisticians. It’s just a great environment for everyone.

I am very thankful for all the opportunities given to me over the years to move forward with my umpiring. My association Wynnum, Softball Queensland and Softball Australia have supported me throughout my umpiring career.